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Amazon Review: Superfeet vs Sof Sole


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I have had foot pain for the majority of my life, and the pain always seems to flare up after increased activity. This has led me on a journey to find the best insoles to alleviate my foot pain.

I read some good reviews on MyMindInsole and found some quality options, but Superfeet and Sof Sole are two insoles that I have seen on Amazon, and since they’re so affordable, I figured I would give them a try. 

What did I find out?

Superfeet vs Sof Sole: What I Learned About These Two Insoles

I’m going to start with Superfeet first since I think it’s the better insole. When you go to the Superfeet sale’s page, you’ll find that this product:

  • Fits as expected for 86% of consumers
  • Is made with synthetic material
  • Has a memory foam top layer
  • Has a high volume / low profile fit profile
  • Comes with a heel cup
  • Has a stabilizer cap

Superfeet has a lot of key features that make it a good insole. Pressure is relieved thanks to the top layer of memory foam that is pressure-sensitive and is able to capture the shape of the foot properly.

There’s a durable bottom that maintains support and shape.

Biomechanical shape allows for support for all foot types, and this will help reduce stress that’s put on the person’s:

  • Ankles
  • Feet
  • Knees

A heel cup helps with natural absorption of impact when walking, and the stabilizer cap will provide structure and support to the insole’s closed-cell foam layers. Six points of proper foot control and comfort allow the Superfeet insole to provide comfort and support to most users.

There’s also an all-natural coating that’s been designed to fight against odor-causing bacteria.

Very comfortable to wear, the one issue that I do want to note with the Superfeet Black DMP is that the memory foam topper makes it difficult to slide your foot into the shoe. This is an issue with tighter shoes, especially when the tightness is formed at the top of the foot rather than in the width of the foot. If you’re looking for an insole you can trim for any shoe, MindInsole inserts can be trimmed for any style shoe. Even open toed or heels. 

A lot of people are seeking remedies for foot pain, so it’s easy to learn what types of pain these insoles have been able to help relieve. People that are suffering from the following have backed the pain relief offered by Superfeet:

  • Flat feet
  • Arch issues
  • Standing all day
  • Bruising on the bottom of the foot

But there’s also the misconception that the memory foam layer will offer a very high level of comfort. These insoles are comfortable, but they’re not akin to walking on a cloud like most people tend to think.

You’ll find better overall comfort with these insoles, but they’re designed to treat an array of foot conditions rather than offer just comfort.

I – and many others agree – would have liked these insoles to be a bit more comfortable considering the price. Yet, they do work very well over the long-term for most medical conditions.

Now, Sof Sole was another insole that I wanted to try, and with a lower price, I thought I should compare them to the Superfeet to see which is the better value. When looking at the Sof Sole, I immediately liked how all but their larger insoles end at a half size.

For example, the insole is available in size 7 – 8.5, 9 – 10.5 and so on.

Anyone with a half-size foot will appreciate these half-size options because they fit a lot better. When it comes to features, you’ll find these insoles offer:

  • SKYDEX air bubbles
  • COOLMAX fabric
  • Reinforced nylon arches
  • Arch support plate

Designed for men’s athletic shoes, the Sof Sole is more of an athletic insole, so it’s perfect if you often have pain after playing sports or being on your feet all day.

What makes these insoles special is that air bubbles are found in the arch and heel that offer shock absorption. Shock absorption, when using air bubbles, will be able to alleviate much of the pain caused by conditions such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis.

Foot cooling is also offered through the COOLMAX fabric, which has a top cover designed to wick moisture. Moisture wicking allows the foot to be kept cool and dry, and the fabric has also been treated to fight against bacteria that causes foot odor.

Low arched feet are supported thanks to the nylon foot plate that keeps the arch supported and also helps with enhanced motion control.

When doing any of the following activities, these inserts help the most:

  • Cycling
  • Cross training
  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Walking

While designed for athletic shoes, these inserts can be used in the majority of shoes. Now, some users have asked about wider-foot support, and there have been people answering stating that the insert in their size also worked for someone with a 2E foot size.

But just because these insoles are designed for athletes, doesn’t mean that they won’t work well for someone that has been on their feet all day.

I have a tendency of always reading through reviews to see what people have successfully used insoles to help treat. I found a lot of people mentioning that:

  • They couldn’t run another step without these insoles
  • Sof Sole was able to provide adequate arch support
  • Someone used these insoles to be able to treat their flat feet

There were some issues noted, and one was that when running intensely, the insole will begin to wear. If you put intense pressure on the heel, you’ll start to notice that the support bubble begins to wear, causing a lack of support in the future.

The inner arch area also starts to wear off over time, so you will need to replace the Sof Sole every 4 – 6 months if you’re an intense runner or engage in activities where the majority of the weight is centered on the heels. Squatting, for example, when done right, may put too much weight on the heel of the foot and cause the air bubbles to wear over time.

Based off of my comparison, I have rated Superfeet an 85% and Sof Sole an 83%. They’re both decent insoles, and for the price, they’re worth trying if you have foot pain and need to find overall foot pain relief.

September 15, 2020


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