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Aching Feet? Here’s What You Need to Know About Insoles

If you have aching, painful feet, you may be thinking about buying insoles to get some relief. But if you just go to the store and buy the first pair of insoles you find, you may be in for some serious disappointment.

Finding the right insoles can be a complicated process. But don’t worry – we’re here to arm you with all of the knowledge you need to find the right insoles.

Orthotic Insoles

Orthotic insoles are ridged or semi-ridged in nature, and they’re typically custom-made. They’re favored by athletes and those who like to do high-intensity workouts.

Athletes prefer these types of insoles because they’re more flexible and give you more control. With this insole, you can flex your toes and move your foot comfortably.

Orthotic insoles offer heel and metatarsal support, so they’re typically made with a combination of materials. They provide support and they also help improve your gait by making sure your foot is aligned properly. These are key important things in preventing foot pain.

You’ll find orthotic insoles in both full-size and 3/4 size options. Because they are usually custom-made, you’ll find different widths available to meet your comfort and support needs. The thicker the insole, the better the shock absorption.

Because these insoles tend to be a little thicker, it can take some time to get used to wearing them. They also have a textured surface which may feel unfamiliar at first, but after a few wears will be easily broken into. This provides benefits like support and circulation through your feet.

Arch Support Insoles

If you’re looking for insoles for flat feet, you’ll want ones that offer arch support. Arch support insoles provide the support you need while still giving you that cushy feel that massages your feet as you walk.

These types of insoles are cushy, but they still maintain some degree of firmness for arch backing. They’re still flexible, but they provide firm support for your arches.

Arch support insoles are semi-ridged, so they’re ideal for people who spend most of the day on their feet. But even if you’re not on your feet all day at work, you may also want to have a pair of insoles on hand for those long days or nights out on the town.

Before purchasing a pair, make sure that you know your arch type. There are three levels of support offered with these insoles: low, normal and high. High arch support insoles are designed for high arches, while low ones are designed for low arches (or flat feet).

If you have discomfort in the arch area or you’re transitioning to orthotic inserts, these insoles may be a good fit for you. These insoles will make sure that your arch is in a proper position.

Gel or Comfort Insoles

If shock absorption is your main concern and you’re on your feet for most of the day at work, gel insoles may be a good fit for you. They’re soft and cushy, and they allow your feet to sink right in. They’re easy to adjust to for newbies, too. Some insoles, like Mindinsole inserts, will massage your feet as you walk.

Athletes who don’t have issues with over-pronation or over-supination can use these insoles, too. They’re great for shock absorption, which is something athletes have to worry about on the field and on the court.

If you’re dealing with mild discomfort and you don’t have a medical condition that affects your feet, these insoles are a great option. Anyone can wear them.

But if you need major arch support, gel insoles may not be a good fit.

Heel Support Insoles

Many shoes don’t offer proper heel support, and this can leave you in pain after just a few hours of walking. If you’re going out for a night on the town, the last thing you want to worry about is aching feet.

That’s where heel support insoles come in. These are sold as either whole inserts, or as heel cups that you place only in the heel area. These insoles can be worn regardless of whether you have a foot problem or not.

The great thing about these inserts is that they prevent slippage when you’re walking. If you’re wearing heeled shoes or boots, you know how much your feet move back and forth in the shoe as you walk. These inserts keep your feet in place for better stability and comfort.

These insoles are typically made of a combination of materials, and they offer many benefits. Some are made of gel, which makes them quite soft yet still firm enough to offer support. Others are thin and made of foam. These ones are more rigid in nature, but they’re better at preventing slipping.

If you wear high-heels, you may want a full-length insole made of cork. Cork offers both stability and comfort, but you may also prefer foam if you have aching heels.

Athletic Insoles

Athletic insoles are ideal for – you guessed it – athletes. They’re sometimes called trainer insoles. They have a heel-to-toe design as well as a built-in arch, which allows you to move properly when playing sports.

These are ideal for runners as well as those who play soccer, football, basketball and other court games. Cyclists and jumpers also prefer these insoles for comfort and support.

Most athletic insoles are made of cork, as it provides both comfort and support. Some have a rigid base, and these ones are made primarily of foam and other materials to make them more supportive.

Trainer insoles boost support wherever it’s needed, whether it’s the arch or the heel. They can be custom-made, but you can also find them in most shoe stores.

Do You Really Need Insoles?

Not everyone needs insoles, but most people can benefit from wearing them. If you’re an athlete or you’re dealing with food pain, the right insoles can provide you with relief from your discomfort.

Without insoles, you’ll be putting a lot of pressure on your foot and walking with an unnatural foot alignment.

Most shoes come with sub-par insoles that really don’t provide much cushioning or support. Insoles can help, and they can easily replace the ones that came with your shoes.

September 3, 2020
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