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Why Should I Use Compression Socks?

If you have foot pain, ankle pain or even swelling in your lower legs, you might want to consider investing in a good pair of compression socks.

Your feet will thank you for wearing them.

But a lot of people question why they should use compression socks. After all, what is the main difference between these socks and any other pair of socks?

If you want to take care of your feet, compression socks may be a great first choice.

Why should you use compression socks?

Perfect for Lack of Inactivity

Inactivity is never good for your body or your blood flow. A lot of people recommend Kompress Kinetic or other compression socks when a person has had surgery or will have to be inactive for a long period of time. Kompress Kinetic is especially useful because they are completely adjustable. This allows you to modify the socks for the best comfort for your feet and legs.


Inactivity can lead to deep vein thrombosis, also called DVT.

DVT is a very serious condition in which a clot may form in the deep vein, and if this occurs, it can flow into the arteries of your lung and possibly cause pulmonary embolism. In essence, you can die from DVT.

You’re Going on a Long Flight

If you’re going on a long flight, you’ll have to remain inactive for long periods of time and still may suffer from DVT. Compression socks will help increase blood flow to the legs, reducing the risk of clotting drastically. If you want to avoid foot problems when you travel, some kind of compression footwear is useful.

Try to get something that is comfortable to wear with your own shoes and over your socks (if its a compression sleeve, and not a full length sock). Long flights and cramped seating on planes may make it difficult for you to adjust, so pick something you can wear for a long time.

Swelling in the Legs or Ankles

Do you have swelling in your legs or ankles? A lot of people do, and compression socks may be one way to correct the issue. The main issue with swelling in the legs is a lack of circulation. Compression socks are designed to increase blood flow to your legs.

The fluid that builds up in the legs will be able to travel through the body and be expelled.

What does all of this mean?

What it means is that the compression socks will be able to eliminate the swelling once and for all. If you have diabetes or varicose veins, compression socks will be able to help you with your circulation problems.

You Stand All Day at Work

Sitting is definitely an epidemic, but standing can also put a lot of stress on your body. When a person stands all day, they will be putting a lot of stress on their knees and ankles. One way to alleviate this stress is through the use of proper socks.

Mindinsole Compression Socks will help keep your blood circulation flowing properly, reducing swelling that may occur in the lower extremities.

Proper footwear and taking breaks will also help, too.

This may mean pulling up a chair or investing in proper footwear. Insoles and inserts may also be another choice. When the goal is to take care of your feet properly, every little bit counts. Socks and shoes will help immensely, and they’re an affordable option that will combat some of the side effects of standing all day.


Everything seems to swell when you’re pregnant, but the feet will take on a lot of the swelling. You’re now eating and living for two, so it’s not uncommon or unrealistic to think that swelling will occur.

But compression socks will definitely help.

When you have proper blood flow, it will allow your body to get rid of many of the fluids that are accumulating in your body.

Just don’t expect miracles.

You’re pregnant, so the swelling will still occur, but you may be able to better manage the swelling with the right socks.

How Compression Socks Can Help Everyone

There was a time when compression stockings were the only real option for someone. Compression socks are rather new. You would have a difficult time distinguishing one of these pairs of socks from regular pair of socks.

They look like normal socks. They’re not like the stockings your grandmother wore.

But these socks will help protect your legs from:

  • Getting achy
  • Getting tired

Sometimes, and this may happen to you, people start to get dizzy when they stand up. A lack of circulation is often the cause, and using these types of socks can often stop a person from suffering with dizzy spells.

Compression socks work by compressing the legs. When this happens, your blood vessels are forced to work better.

Blood flow is allowed to flow more easily thanks to the arteries being allowed to relax. Your arteries are working in overdrive to push oxygen-rich blood to your muscles. When wearing these socks, the arteries are able to get a break and circulation improves as a result.

Socks will keep the blood moving, reducing the risk of blood pooling in the veins and potentially clotting.

A lot of athletes actually use compression sleeves – often on the arms, legs or ankles.


That’s a good question. Most athletes have very strong hearts and have no issues with circulation or blood flow. But there is a theory that wearing compression sleeves will force more oxygen into the muscles.

This means that the muscles are able to recover faster thanks to the abundance of oxygen flowing into them.

This means:

  • Fewer cramps
  • Faster muscle recovery
  • Enhanced blood circulation

There’s still a debate on whether or not compression sleeves offer a dramatic benefit to athletes, but there are many professional athletes that wouldn’t think of playing without them. Does it help? A lot of the professionals claim it does, and in the world of sports, any legal method of enhancing your performance is worth pursuing.

If you have a medical condition or your feet continue to swell, it’s not a bad idea to discuss these socks with your doctor. Not only will they help with circulation, but they’re comfortable and can help add some stability to your ankle.

Users also state that they have had their foot pain relieved when using compression socks, so they’re a great option for anyone that will be standing for long periods of time.

All it takes is wearing these socks daily – some people even wear them at night – and you’ll start to notice a major difference in the way your feet and legs feel. It takes just a day or two to notice a drastic reduction in foot and ankle swelling.

December 9, 2020
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