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If You Spend a Lot of Time Standing, These Foot Care Tips Will Help

Standing all day puts a lot of strain on your feet.

And there’s little that you can do about it aside from making positive changes to help alleviate the aches and pains that you’re experiencing.

A lot of people stand eight hours per day, and their feet are killing them.

Nurses, servers, runners, cashiers, retail workers – they all deal with foot pain at one time or another. Foot pain impacts 77% of Americans, and these statistics are very similar in other parts of the world.

But what can you do to stop this pain? When should you visit your podiatrist? Is there something you can do before seeking medical attention?

A lot.

There are compression socks, we actually recommend Kompress Kinetic for foot pain. They come with adjustable focal straps, so you’re really focusing on the areas that need the most compression and pressure. But before committing to anything, do your research and read some reviews. You don’t want to purchase knock off items or fall victim to a scam. The genuine product is copper infused and this will make a huge difference.

If you find that compression socks aren’t for you, there are other tips that you can start using today to better care for your feet.

Make Sure That You’re Wearing Supportive Footwear

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for the best deals and prices. I have a habit of always searching for cheaper footwear, but this leads to one major problem: lack of support. If your footwear doesn’t provide impeccable support, your feet will suffer as a result.

This is where a lot of people go wrong.

You want to make sure that you have the proper support for your feet.

Footwear should allow for:

  • Proper arch support
  • Cushioning to alleviate pressure points
  • Heel support

Cheaper footwear will lack much of the basic support that your feet will need for those long, standing hours.

Try Out Compression Socks for Swollen Feet and Pain

Compression socks can help with a lot of foot pain, but they’re often only considered when a person has swollen feet. They can actually do so much more than alleviate swelling.

With the right compression socks, you’ll be able to:

  • Promote circulation to the entire foot
  • Support the foot
  • Reduce foot pain

What’s nice about knee sleeves is that they’re now stylish and look like a medical product.

CareSole Circa Knee offers different compression zones to add comfort and circulation for your feet. These compression zones will help eliminate swollen feet, and you’ll be able to alleviate:

  • Aches
  • Pains
  • Swelling

Since these are knee sleeves, they fit comfortably in your legs.

Consider Wearing Insoles

If you have arch or heel pain, you may want to consider wearing insoles. There are custom insoles, which are rather expensive, as well as over-the-counter insoles. What these insoles do is slip into your current shoes.

They will not work in flip flops or heels in many cases, but you shouldn’t be wearing either of these if you have foot pain.

But you want to find an insole that works for your form of foot pain. For example, there are insoles that are designed to add arch support to the foot. This is ideal if you have flat feet and need the arch support to help relieve pain.

Insoles are a great way to alleviate a variety of foot pain without having to spend a lot of money in the process.

Perform “Daily Foot Care”

Did you know that there is special foot care for runners?

There is.

But there is also daily foot care routines that doctors recommend if you have foot pain or discomfort.

The care routine that covers most of the basics is:

  • Clean your feet in warm water daily
  • Avoid soaking the feet because it can cause the skin to dry out
  • Moisturize the feet daily (not between the toes)
  • Trim your toenails and smooth out all of the corners

If you have corns or calluses, you’ll be happy to know that they’ll often go away on their own. When corns and calluses continue to persist, you can treat them or help them go away a little faster by:

  • Using a pumice stone on your callus
  • Wear thicker socks
  • Consider foot orthotics for repeat issues
  • Purchase corn pads to alleviate the pressure on your corn

Properly fitting shoes and inserts will often be able to solve all of your corn and callus issues.

Help Keep Your Feet Healthy If They Sweat Often

Sweaty feet are definitely not something that you’ll want to allow for too long. When your feet sweat, there is a risk of bacteria growth on the foot. You may have a condition called hyperhidrosis, or it may be hot out and your feet sweat.

Certain medications can also cause a person’s feet to sweat more.

Besides being uncomfortable, sweaty feet can also cause you to be at a higher risk of foot infection, bacteria growth and even nail infections. A good routine to follow if you do have sweaty feet is:

  • Wash your feet with antibacterial soap
  • Clean between the toes thoroughly
  • Dry your feet off using antifungal powder or cornstarch

If you have to, change your socks multiple times during the day. Changing your socks often will allow you to avoid much of the moisture buildup that leads to bacteria growth. You should also consider wearing moisture-wicking socks that will help fight against sweat and bacterial growth.

Soak Your Feet in Epsom Salt

Epsom salt foot baths have been used for a long time to help treat foot-related issues. But one of the things that many people don’t realize is that soaking your feet can lead to your feet drying and cracking.

Epsom salt foot baths are fine as long as you dry the feet off well afterwards and moisturize them.

It’s important to keep the foot’s skin healthy.

When you enjoy an Epsom salt foot bath, you’ll be able to:

  • Treat muscles aches and pains
  • Treat inflammation
  • Soothe many forms of pain

All you need to do is add Epsom salt into a bucket or foot bath, and then allow your feet to soak for 10 minutes or as long as you like. A lot of people will add a few drops of essential oils into the bath, but the wrong oils may irritate the feet or cause them to dry out.

Make sure that if you do add essential oils into your foot bath that you research the oil beforehand to ensure that the oil will not dry out your feet.

If you take care of your feet on a daily basis, you’ll find that the pain and discomfort will start to subside. Your feet will be happier and healthier thanks to your daily foot care routine.

December 7, 2020
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