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Blaux Thermometer Review: Put Your Health Concerns Away Now

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Blaux Thermometer Review: Put Your Health Concerns Away Now

Health and safety concerns aren’t leaving our immediate focus anytime soon. Viruses and how to keep yourself and your family safe from them are at the forefront of everyone’s mind. With the news reporting record infection rates, hospitalizations, and deaths regularly, it’s hard not to be concerned every time someone leaves home.

However, sometimes there are ways to detect viral infections right as they begin. One of those ways is by detecting elevated body temperatures. If a family member identifies a sick person right away via a fever and quarantines them, they can prevent an outbreak in the household.

To monitor temperatures regularly, the general public can take a page out of the medical community’s playbook. It’s exceptionally safe, efficient, and accurate to use infrared thermometers like the Blaux Thermometer to monitor multiple people’s temperatures on a regular basis.

Keep reading this Blaux Thermometer review to learn everything there is to know about the thermometer that can bring professional-level temperature checking to the convenience of the home.

What is Blaux Thermometer?

Blaux Thermometer is a high-tech, touchless, infrared thermometer—just like the one’s healthcare professionals and government agencies use!

Working double-duty, this thermometer also functions as a surface thermometer, so its uses aren’t limited to checking for fevers. Check the surface temperature of just about anything you desire.

It has a modern design, and it’s relatively small and portable. It’s easy to take it with you anywhere, and later in this Blaux Thermometer review are some suggestions of places to take it.

How does the Blaux Thermometer work?

Blaux Thermometer is extremely user friendly. There are three steps to operating this thermometer upon receiving it:

  1. Place two AAA batteries inside the battery slot on the backside of the thermometer.
  2. Point the thermometer at the subject’s forehead. Hold it 2 to 6 inches away from the person, and remember, it’s a no-contact thermometer! Do not touch the thermometer to the subject’s forehead.
  3. Press the ‘Scan’ button, and the Blaux Thermometer will deliver an instant temperature reading. The temperature reading will be color-coded; green for normal temperature, yellow for a slight fever, and red for high fever.

How does infrared technology work?

Infrared thermometers work by triggering light to bounce off of the subject. Then measuring, or inferring, the temperature of that light with some of the highest accuracy of all types of thermometers available on the market.

This Blaux Thermometer review later explains why using a touchless infrared thermometer instead of any other types of conventional home thermometers is so important, especially during a global pandemic.

Does the Blaux Thermometer really work?

Yes, this Blaux Thermometer review is happy to report that after a thorough investigation, the thermometer really works.

This high-tech, touchless thermometer provides 100% accurate temperature readings in less than one second. It delivers instant results. The temperature readings’ accuracy is reliable because Blaux has the highest standards for developing their products.

Safe and user-friendly, this thermometer is so easy to use that even a child can perform an accurate temperature reading with minimal supervision—though the subject may have to stoop down so the child can reach their forehead!

The thermometer even notifies you by number and color (green, yellow, or red) exactly how high the subject’s temperature is, a signature feature of the Blaux Thermometer. The color indicates whether the subject should seek medical attention.

Where can I use the Blaux Thermometer?

While testing for this Blaux Thermometer review, its versatility came to light quickly. This thermometer is not just sufficient strictly for traditional home use; it’s useful in a variety of settings that don’t immediately come to mind when one thinks of a home thermometer.

This thermometer will read the temperature of anything between 0 and 100°C with 100% accuracy—that’s right, anything. You won’t be limited to measuring body temperature; you can also measure the temperature of baby bathwater, baby formula, food, the temperature in a room, etc.

When measuring people’s temperatures, a fantastic feature of the Blaux Thermometer is that it’s completely touchless, meaning that the subject doesn’t have to participate in the temperature reading. This means a mom or dad can easily check the temperature of a sleeping child or uncooperative baby and receive the results in less than one second.

Don’t count out the portability of this thermometer. It’s easy to carry it in a purse, diaper bag, carry on luggage, etc., and take it to the airport, when visiting family, on playdates, etc. This thermometer can go anywhere you need to go to measure the temperatures of any close contacts as an extra safety measure.

When going to the home of elderly parents to care for them, cleaning the home, dropping off groceries, etc., you can use the Blaux Thermometer to take their own temperature to make sure they aren’t running a fever and aren’t, to their knowledge, sick and introducing any viruses into their elderly parent’s house.

Viruses can be much harder on the elderly than they are on younger people, so using the thermometer for the safety of elderly family members is an excellent idea.
The Blaux Thermometer is extremely versatile with both body and surface modes. It can accurately measure almost anything. And it’s highly portable with such a small size; it can even fit in a men’s pants pocket. There’s no reason not to take it everywhere.

Why should you get a Blaux Thermometer?

Viruses this season are mutating into very dangerous, even deadly strains. The mutations are becoming more contagious with each evolution. Everyone needs to have methods of detecting illness in themselves and those around them.

It is common for the first sign of infection to be elevated core body temperature, as the immune system uses body heat as a first-line defense mechanism to attempt to fight the virus. However, people often do not realize they have a fever without taking their temperature with a thermometer.

With a Blaux Thermometer, an individual or family becomes empowered with the ability to monitor daily temperatures of themselves and anyone they come in close contact with. According to the CDC, a fever above 100.4°F could indicate potential illness.

It’s important to use the Blaux Thermometer when measuring multiple people’s temperatures because it’s a no-contact thermometer—it never touches the forehead of the subject’s temperature it’s measuring, reducing the potential of spreading germs from person to person.

Thermometers that touch the forehead, enter the ear, or worse, go underneath the subject’s tongue, have a huge potential for spreading infection between individuals even if sanitary covers are used and discarded between each person.

All of the healthcare professionals and government agencies have switched over to using touchless infrared thermometers; it’s time that the general public followed suit. This Blaux Thermometer review explains the importance of switching out your home thermometer.

Where can I buy a Blaux Thermometer?

Blaux Thermometer is available for sale exclusively on the official website. It is not available for purchase on any other website or at any other retailer.

To order a Blaux Thermometer, customers must visit the official website and place an order there. There is an introductory discount of 50% off the customer’s first order while supplies last.

Pros of the Blaux Thermometer:

  • No-contact thermometer model
  • Green, yellow, and red color readings
  • One-handed operation
  • Digital display
  • Instant temperature readings
  • 100% accuracy rate
  • Body or surface readings
  • Great for babies
  • Both Fahrenheit and Celsius modes

Cons of the Blaux Thermometer:

  • Only 64 temperature reading memory
  • Requires AAA batteries, not rechargeable
  • Only Available to buy online

Final Verdict

The final verdict of this Blaux Thermometer review is this: The Blaux Thermometer is the perfect thermometer to purchase for any family who wishes to implement regular temperature monitoring for safety reasons.

First and foremost, the thermometer is safe to use to monitor multiple peoples’ temperatures because it’s a no-contact thermometer. It does not touch the subject at all, so it will not spread germs, or potential viruses, from person to person.

Second, it’s fast. Really fast. It delivers results in less than one second, pretty much instantly. This makes it easy to measure the temperature of the whole family in less than one minute.

As an important note, this thermometer does not require family members like babies or sleeping people to cooperate with the temperature check because they don’t have to be touched! This thermometer can check their temperature without their participation.

Finally, the color-coding of the results makes it easy to tell, without looking at the actual temperature in numbers, whether the person has a normal temperature, is getting a fever, or has a high fever and needs medical attention.

The Blaux Thermometer has all the features a family needs for daily temperature monitoring during the cold and flu season to detect irregular temperatures that might indicate illness or viral infection.

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November 24, 2020
  • Digital Thermometer

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Blaux Thermometer Review: Put Your Health Concerns Away Now
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Blaux Thermometer Review: Put Your Health Concerns Away Now
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