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 Foot acupoints are targeted for overall health
 Every step massages the feet
 Foot pain is tackled differently than with other insoles

If you’ve never heard of MinInsole, I’ll tell you right now that you’re missing out, especially if you’re on your feet all day at work. They massage, cushion and pamper your feet as you walk. They’re not perfect (I’ll talk about these quirks later on), but they can truly save you from having to spend hours recovering from foot pain every day.

admin September 17, 2020 Self Care
 Improve blood flow in the feet, relieving pain, fatigue, and swelling
 Prevent numerous painful conditions — varicose veins, plantar fasciitis, and others
 Light, breathable, toeless

The Mindinsole Compression Socks are incredibly light and comfortable, designed to relieve and cure all sorts of foot conditions. Are you suffering from plantar fasciitis, varicose veins, or blood clots? Then these socks are precisely what you need!

admin November 27, 2020 Self Care
 Unbelievably comfortable to wear, even over extended amount of time
 Infinitely customizable compression thanks to the Caresole Knee Brace strap technology
 Proprietary compression system is unlike anything else available on the market today

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 Easy to use
 Targeted pain and tension relief
 Uses multiple types of therapies

I highly recommend getting this device for yourself or even someone you know who suffers from neck pain. It’s a great natural alternative and doesn’t cost as much as a visit to the therapist.

admin September 28, 2020 Self Care

After the success of our comparison of the Superfeet and Sof Sole insoles, I decided it may be nice to review the Hyperspace Sports Insole vs Dr. Scholl’s Athletic Sport Insoles. These are two great insoles, and they’re really well-priced, which I really like because I am looking for the best price when purchasing shoe insoles.

But which did I like better?

admin September 16, 2020 Self Care

I have had foot pain for the majority of my life, and the pain always seems to flare up after increased activity. This has led me on a journey to find the best insoles to alleviate my foot pain.

Superfeet and Sof Sole are two insoles that I have seen on Amazon, and since they’re so affordable, I figured I would give them a try.

What did I find out?

admin September 15, 2020 Self Care
MindInsole Review 2021
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My MindInsole was launched out of a passion for finding true, lasting pain relief. Did you know that 75% of the world’s population has foot pain of some kind? That’s a lot of people, and the footwear industry has done little to correct the issue.

MindInsole Review 2021
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