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DivinAir Dehumidifier Review: Is This Really the Best Portable Dehumidifier?

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Moisture is the enemy of just about everything in your home. A dehumidifier can help keep the air dry, but some units can be big, clunky, heavy and complicated.

I knew that I needed a dehumidifier to help protect some of my most precious and expensive things, like my camera, handmade clothes and family papers. I wanted to avoid having to get a big unit that I’d have to run all the time.

That’s when I came across DivinAir. It’s a portable, compact dehumidifier that uses beads to remove moisture from the air. And as crazy as it sounded to me, I decided to give it a try.

I was surprised by just how well this unit worked. I felt that I needed to share my experience in my DivinAir Dehumidifier review.

What is DivinAir Dehumidifier?

DivinAir Dehumidifier is a small, portable dehumidifier designed to absorb moisture from the air. You can place it anywhere, and it will remove damaging moisture from the environment to keep your items clean and protected.

The way this dehumidifier works is a little different from other traditional dehumidifiers. It uses special beads that attract and remove moisture from the air to keep the area dry.

The unit is small and portable, so if you have a small cabinet, trunk, closet or other area that needs drying, you can place this dehumidifier there.

DivinAir has a contemporary design and gray and white color that complements any home décor. It also has an ABS flame retardant body for safe and reliable drying.

How Does DivinAir Dehumidifier Work?

DivinAir Dehumidifier contains little polymer beads that absorb water and moisture from the air. I like to think of these beads as sponges, soaking up any moisture that may damage your things.

These beads have micropores that allow water to enter and be absorbed. The best part is that these beads will hold onto the water without you having to worry about water accumulation or having to use a reverse osmosis system. They’re non-toxic, too.

Unlike traditional dehumidifiers, DivinAir has a cylindrical body that allows for greater moisture absorption. The body has 360 dehumidification holes, which expands the absorption range to 385 cm2. With other similar products, the dehumidification process can take forever. But because the DivinAir can cover a larger area, drying doesn’t take nearly as long.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Won’t the beads eventually reach a point where they can’t absorb any more water? Yes.

The DivinAir is equipped with two ceramic PTC heaters that work to dry the moisture absorbed by the beads, allowing them to once again remove moisture from the air.

You will need to heat the beads once every 2-3 weeks for 12-15 hours. It’s a small price to pay to keep the area dry.

So, how will you know when it’s time to run the heater and dry out the beads? The DivinAir has a little window that allows you to see the color of the beads.

  • If the beads are orange, it means that dehumidification can take place.
  • If the beads are green, it means that they are saturated and will need to be heated for 12-15 hours.

Does DivinAir Dehumidifier Really Work?

Yes! I have a few of these. I keep one in the case with my camera equipment, and I keep another one in the chest where I store my handmade sweaters. They really do work.

Silica beads (the same beads inside of this dehumidifier) are well-known for their moisture-absorbing properties. It’s not a new concept. But DivinAir’s design is unique, and the heater function makes it easy to extend the life of this device.

Where Can I Use DivinAir Dehumidifier?

One of the first questions I had when researching DivinAir was: Where can I use it? It’s not big enough to dehumidify an entire room. But it’s just the right size for removing moisture from small spaces.

It’s really designed for specialized dehumidification, but that’s what makes it so special. If you have electronics (like cameras) that you want to protect or even if you want to keep moisture out of the pantry, this DivinAir is a great option.

DivinAir can be used in a variety of settings, including:

  • Storage boxes
  • Wardrobes/cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Bookcases
  • Near electronics

The device is small and lightweight enough to be placed virtually anywhere.

DivinAir is just 206mm long (about as small as the smallest iPad). It doesn’t take up much space when laid horizontally, and you don’t have to worry about it easily rolling around. You can equip a bracket seat to keep the dehumidifier in place if you want.

DivinAir Dehumidifier Benefits

I love this dehumidifier – that’s why I wrote this DivinAir Dehumidifier review. But some of you may be wondering what the benefits are to using this product when there are so many other dehumidifiers out there.

Removes Damaging Moisture from the Air

The biggest benefit to buying DivinAir is that it will remove moisture from the area. Removing moisture can help protect delicate items that are vulnerable to mildew or warping.

Keeping the air dry will help prevent any damaging effects of moisture.

It’s Reusable and Rechargeable

DivinAir can help save you money because it’s reusable and rechargeable. The only time this dehumidifier needs to use electricity is when the beads need to be dried out. Otherwise, it just sits in the area that needs moisture removal and the beads work its magic.

I remember reading a DivinAir Dehumidifier review that praised this product’s ability to be recharged and reused. That person said they were able to save money on utility costs and not having to continually buy new beads for the device.


The beads inside of the DivinAir dehumidifier are non-toxic and odorless. They can safely be placed in rooms with pets and kids, although the unit should still be kept out of their reach.

It’s also an environmentally friendly way to dehumidify a space.

Can be Placed Anywhere

I love that this dehumidifier can be placed anywhere. If you have old letters, books, clothes or other items that need protecting from moisture, you can place this dehumidifier nearby to protect them. Place it on a bookshelf, in a drawer or anywhere you like.

Just before writing this DivinAir Dehumidifier review, I moved one of my dehumidifiers into a trunk where I am storing some of my grandmother’s papers. And I was pretty impressed by just how easy it was to find space to store it in this small trunk.

For such a small device, DivinAir does a fantastic job at removing moisture from a pretty large area. And I love how the cylindrical design makes it easy to fit into the smallest of spaces.

Easy and Safe to Use

Some dehumidifiers have complicated designs and different settings. Because DivinAir uses beads and not electricity, there are no complicated filters, settings or other things that you need to use.

When the beads are orange, just place it in the area where you want to remove moisture. When the beads turn green, plug in the device to heat the beads and dry them out.

That’s about as hands-off as you can get.

DivinAir has an ABS flame retardant body for safe and reliable drying. Aside from the hours when the unit is being heated, this unit doesn’t use electricity, so you don’t have to worry about accidental fires.

Why Should You Get a DivinAir Dehumidifier?

When writing this DivinAir Dehumidifier review, I thought about the reasons why I would recommend getting one.

  • It allows for targeted dehumidification
  • It’s easy to use
  • It can be used in small spaces
  • It’s safe because it doesn’t use electricity when dehumidifying
  • It’s reusable

The beads do an excellent job of absorbing moisture, and this is the main reason for getting this dehumidifier.

If you want to remove moisture without having to use a big, clunky electronic dehumidifier, DivinAir is a great choice.

Where Can I Buy a DivinAir Dehumidifier?

Now that you’ve read through my DivinAir Dehumidifier review, you may be wondering where you can get your hands on one of these units.

The best and only place to buy the DivinAir portable dehumidifier is directly from the official website.

If you find this product on other sites, like eBay, I would be cautious of buying. You don’t know whether you’re getting a legitimate product, and you won’t get the guarantee that you’d get when buying from the official website.

DivinAir Dehumidifier Pros and Cons

When writing my DivinAir Dehumidifier review, I felt it was important to share both the good and the bad.


  • Easy to use
  • Effective at removing moisture from the air
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • Reusable and rechargeable


  • The product is often out of stock

The only complaint I have with this dehumidifier is that it’s often out of stock. I wanted to buy some to give as gifts to friends, but they were out of stock and I had to wait a week to place my order.

I would recommend making your purchase quickly if you find this product in stock.

Final Verdict

The DivinAir Dehumidifier is compact, portable and effective at removing moisture from the air. If you have items that you want to protect from dampness and you need something smaller than a big, clunky dehumidifier, I highly recommend DivianAir.

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