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KoreTrak Reviews: Best Smart Fitness Tracker Ever?

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Verdict: KoreTrak is helping people stay on top of their health and fitness. A pedometer, monitor, watch, and hands free phone all in one device, KoreTrak is making life simple and convenient for everyone. Its durability and accuracy make it perfect for athletes, the health conscious and even the tech savvy crowd.

Are you a fitness enthusiast looking to improve your mile time? Are you trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle and keep track of your health stats? Do you know how many calories you’re burning with your daily exercise routine? These are questions you need answers to whether you want to excel in your fitness program or if you’re just starting a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to tracking your performance, most people brush it off. They figure that they aren’t Olympic athletes, so what do a few seconds mean in your lap time between friends? Sure, you could take this attitude if you want to use your exercise time to have fun and enjoy boosting your heart rate.

However, some fitness enthusiasts demand more from their training and their bodies. If you’re one of those people that need to optimize every aspect of your physical performance, you’ll need to keep reading this KoreTrak review to find out how you can make this happen in your training.

KoreTrak fitness tracker has come out with a fitness smart watch that’s been selling out fast. Reading other KoreTrak reviews, I thought it might be nearly impossible to get my hands on it because they are so high in demand, but luckily I was able to get one. If you’ve ever owned a step counter, smart watch, or health tracker, then you might want to get in on this…

What is KoreTrak?

KoreTrak fitness tracker is the latest in fitness tracking electronics. The KoreTrak fitness band is a high-tech wristband offering you an intermediate product between the smartwatch and a fitness tracker. It utilizes advanced biometric feedback technology to continually analyze your body, providing data in real-time that shows you your current fitness and health metrics, something confirmed by many KoreTrak reviews.

KoreTrak reviews have agreed this is a pedometer, smartwatch and fitness and health monitor all in one. Usually I like to keep things simple, especially when it comes to electronics. I find that products with all the “bells and whistles” to be somewhat intimidating and difficult to navigate. But with the KoreTrak fitness band, I can easily monitor my fitness and set my goals.

In our KoreTrak reviews, we quickly discovered that the KoreTrak fitnessband could tell a lot about what’s going on with your body. A simple scan gives you results on your heart rate and your blood-oxygen levels.

The built-in computer in the KoreTrak analyses everything you do physically throughout the day. KoreTrak not only does track your step-count, but it also captures how many calories you burn with your exercise, and passively during the day.

The KoreTrak fitness tracker features built-in apps that help you connect to the world around you. The KoreTrak fitnessband connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android device. The watch provides you with push notifications for text messages and emails to the screen of the device.

Get text alerts, missed call functionality, and an email sent directly to your smartwatch, letting you stay on top of your work responsibilities, even when you’re training or out to lunch. The stylish form factor of the KoreTrak fitness band makes it a welcome addition to casual and professional wardrobes.

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Here’s what you can expect:

  • Catch dangerous health issues in advance
  • Reach your health and fitness goals
  • Hands free smartphone capabilities
  • Built in apps for fitness, wellness and communication
  • Maximize your fitness routines
  • Built in digital watch
  • Instant notifications sent straight from phone
  • IP67 rating (waterproof and sweatproof)
  • Advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology
  • Biometric sensors to monitor heart rate and sleep
  • Pedometer (step tracker and counter)
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Rechargeable
  • Compatible with all smart devices
  • Streamlined interface for a user-friendly experience
  • Works as a hands-free headset

Does KoreTrak fitness band Work?

In our KoreTrak reviews, we discovered that the KoreTrak fitnessband syncs with your body rhythms. The sensors in the watch keep tabs on your pulse rate, using that to make calculations on your vital signs.

There are so many benefits to adding one of these devices into your life. In this KoreTrak fitness band review, we unpack the top benefits of owning one of these pieces of tech, and how it affects your health and lifestyle.

  • Keep Tabs on Your Health – The KoreTrak fitness tracker helps you track your health every moment of the day. The device syncs with your smartphone, allowing you to export and store your data to monitor your long-term progress with your fitness and well-being goals.
  • Fast-Track Your Fitness – You get the data you need to adjust your training. The smart device gives you real-time feedback on your recovery rate and how you’re improving from session-to-session. KoreTrak reviews suggest, when you have access to what you’re doing with your training, it’s easy to see where you need to make changes to your training schedule or diet to improve your performance in the gym, on the road, or the track.
  • Crush Your Fitness Goals – If you’re interested in fine-tuning your fitness performance, then you probably set goals for yourself. With the data you receive from your KoreTrak smartwatch, you’ll reach your goals faster, smashing records sooner than you think.
  • Enhance Your Sleep – This device tracks your sleeping behavior. The watch follows your circadian rhythm, giving you data on your sleep performance. Sleep is a vital area of life for all fitness enthusiasts. When we sleep, we recover, and the better your sleep, the better your athletic performance.
  • Connect to the World – Stay connected to your mobile devices using apps. In our KoreTrak fitness band review we confirmed it connects to your iPhone or Android device using Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable, wireless connection that keeps you in touch. Receive notifications and message alerts on your device, giving you all the functionality of a real smartwatch.

What vitals can KoreTrak monitor?

Our KoreTrak fitness band review confirmed it has a number of features to help you monitor your vitals, stay connected and check the time.

With this watch, you can monitor your:

  • Heart rate
  • Blood oxygen content
  • Steps
  • Calories burned
  • Sleep quality

In addition to monitoring your vitals, you can also view:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Text messages
  • Notifications

You can also take phone calls if you have a Bluetooth headset.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Using KoreTrak?


  • Our KoreTrak review confirmed it gives you the same functionality as leading brands like Fitbit and Apple’s iWatch.
  • The KoreTrak comes with an affordable price tag that offers good value for money
  • This smartwatch connects to your phone, keeping you in touch with your contacts while you train
  • Reach your goals and monitor your progress to peak fitness
  • Stay on top of your health, and know your body
  • Get better sleep and better athletic performance by tracking your progress and sleep cycle
  • Makes for a great gift for a close friend or family member
  • There are plenty of positive user reviews on the device


  • You might decide to buy two at this price
  • Might put the Fitbit people out of business!

What features does KoreTrak have?

After our KoreTrak review, we can say this is a smartwatch with a modern, sleek design and multi-purpose function. With this one simple wearable, you can monitor your vitals while staying connected, so you never miss a beat.

Connects to Your Smartphone

KoreTrak connects to your smartphone, so you get instant notifications right to your watch. It’s comfortable to wear, and it has a long-lasting battery that helps you stay on the go without worrying about the battery dying.

It syncs with both Android and iPhones, so everyone can use it. All KoreTrak reviews have confirmed this.


Unlike other smartwatches, this one is heavy-duty and can withstand your active lifestyle. With an IP67 rating, this watch is waterproof. Whether you sweat a lot or just like to run in the rain, it goes wherever you go, this is also confirmed by many Koretrak reviews.

Intelligent Features

The KoreTrak comes equipped with 4.1 Bluetooth technology, which gives you hands-free access to many of the things you have on your smartphone, like text messages, your music collection, phone calls and more.

You can even take pictures while you’re out for a run or working out at the gym, and then share them with your friends.

If you’re worried about this watch being complicated or difficult to use, don’t be. KoreTrak watch has a simple interface that’s easy for anyone to use. The clear, bright display is easy to read and allows you to track your stats at a glance.

Monitor Your Vitals

Equipped with biometric sensors, the KoreTrak watch monitors your vitals, including your:

  • Heart rate
  • Sleep quality, and more

Judging from my own experience and comments from KoreTrak reviews, I would say the measurements are pretty accurate. Pulse monitoring is surprisingly on point.

When it’s time for your daily workout, your KoreTrak watch will make sure you reach your goals.

  • Count your steps
  • Track your running or jogging distance
  • Calculate how many calories you’ve burned

If you’re a runner, like me, you know how hard it can be to accurately measure your results. It’s not like running on a treadmill, which has a monitor that tracks your distance, heart rate and calories burned.

The KoreTrak smart watch watch is like having your own personal workout monitor. It can track all of the same things that you can track with cardio machines at the gym.

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Ready to Go When You Are

With the KoreTrak smart watch, you don’t have to worry about changing batteries. Just charge it like you would your smartphone or other electronic device. A single charge will give you 96 hours of use.

Plus, this watch has a sleek design that can be worn out on the town or to the office. When you go out for a run or a workout in the gym, you don’t have to worry about your watch getting in the way or sticking out like a sore thumb. It’s lightweight, comfortable and slim enough for any fitness activity.

How does KoreTrak Work?

KoreTrak smart watch works by tracking your body’s vitals using biometric sensors. These sensors translate your vitals and movements and convert them into samples that are small enough and relevant for the average user to understand. It may sound too tech savvy for some people, but KoreTrak reviews say this watch makes this information easy to read.

Many satisfied KoreTrak reviews say that they have completely changed their lifestyles because of this product. Not only is it praised for its advanced technology, but people are saying the KoreTrak smartwatch is motivation to stay healthy.

Who should buy KoreTrak?

This watch is perfect for anyone. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking for a reliable, high quality device, the KoreTrak is capable of filling all your needs. KoreTrak reviews are from people in all different situations. Some people like it because it is the best quality fitness tracker they have ever come across, some like it because of its elegant yet sporty brand look, while others just like the functionality of it and hands free capabilities.

Even busy parents who need an extra hand when running errands say this device is a safe and effective way to get things done without worrying about constantly checking their phones. This is a real game changer for people who are always busy or on the go.

How can KoreTrak improve your health?

KoreTrak is a great option for anyone who would like to improve their health and fitness condition. If you’re not into health or fitness, it’s never too late to start. With this smartwatch, as soon as you put it on, you’ve already taken the first steps to a healthier lifestyle. Knowing the bare essentials of what’s going on in your body can drastically change the way you eat, sleep, and move throughout the day.

When I first started using this tracker, I did a bit of research for some helpful tips and tricks. KoreTrak reviews suggested setting a personal goal of steps every day. I started off with 10,000 steps because I knew it was attainable if I at least walked to work. After a week, I was easily reaching this goal, so the next week I set my goal even higher. It’s been almost a month now, and I am walking on average, 16,000 steps a day.

If it weren’t for this smartwatch, I wouldn’t have reached this goal. If there is a day that I am short of my goal, I try to get in a light jog before the day is over, or I’ll try to make it up the next day.

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Health Benefits:

  • Keeps you motivated
  • Helps you stay on top of goals
  • Tracks your vitals for a healthier lifestyle
  • Ability to catch health concerns in advance
  • Encourages you to stay active throughout the day
  • Keeps your caloric intake in check
  • Sleek, modern design

KoreTrak Tech Features:

  • Translates your results into accurate and easy to understand language
  • Hands free smartphone capabilities
  • Easy to navigate
  • User friendly interface
  • Durable
  • Accurate readings
  • Instant notifications sent straight from device for real time updates

Why is KoreTrak better than other devices?

Simply put, it works! There are other pedometers that are inaccurate or don’t have as many features, but this is the most effective tracker, monitor, watch, and hands free phone I have ever used. Other trackers have these features but not all of them work this well. My previous tracker claimed to have phone capabilities, but it would always take multiple tries to connect, and the instant notification was always delayed. Other KoreTrak reviews have had the same experiences with their previous watches as well.

Is there a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! There is a money back guarantee if you decide this isn’t the right watch for you. There is absolutely no risk to you at all for buying this device.

Final Recap – Is the KoreTrak Smartwatch, the Best Fitness Tracker?

Our KoreTrak reviews were a pleasant surprise. We were expecting another cheap knock-off of the Fitbit, or something similar. What we got was a device that has everything the Fitbit or Apple watch does, at a fraction of the price.

The tech inside the KoreTrak is second to none, giving you a powerful device with plenty of functionality. You get a full-view snapshot of your health at any time of the day.

KoreTrak doesn’t have to waste money on marketing budgets when launching products. They rely on word-of-mouth marketing to spread KoreTrak reviews to people around the world. As a result, you get a top-quality fitness tracker, with a budget price tag that’s affordable.

If you’re not entirely happy with your KoreTrak smartwatch, send it back for a Money-Back Guarantee and full refund on your purchase. However, we feel that the KoreTrak is one of the best offerings in its class, and at this price, we think you’ll be buying a backup device.

The longer you wait to get KoreTrak, the longer you go without knowing important information about your body, health, and well being. This is the perfect gift for anyone. You don’t have to be a pro athlete or tech savvy to own it. This is a great way to keep you goals in check and always know what can be done to improve and maintain healthy vitals. KoreTrak has all the features of a tracker, monitor and phone and can make your life more convenient while staying fit.

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October 7, 2020
  • Fitness Band

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KoreTrak Reviews: Best Smart Fitness Tracker Ever?
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KoreTrak Reviews: Best Smart Fitness Tracker Ever?

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